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001.Fuse 002.Storm 003.Burn 004.Humiliation 005.Danger
006.Boredom 007.Determined 008.Transcend 009.Flexibility 010.Tread
011.Passion 012.Scent 013.Blushing 014.Shallow 015.Frustration

Claimed pairing: Stargate SG1 Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson

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001.Comfort Sex 002.Immobilization 003.Bite Marks or Hickey 004.Sensory Deprivation 005.Multiple Orgasms
006.Puppy Pile 007.Pampering 008.Burns 009.Apology Sex 010.Pulse Quickening
011.Your Choice 012.Your Choice 013.Your Choice 014.Your Choice 015.Your Choice

Claimed pairing: Stargate SG1 Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson

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001.Midnight 002.Hospital 003.Suffocation 004.Creeping Dread 005.Otherworldly
006.Obsession 007.Loneliness 008.Burning Bridges 009.Unkempt 010.Paranoia
011.Your Choice 012.Your Choice 013.Your Choice 014.Your Choice 015.Your Choice

Claimed character: Stargate SG1, Daniel Jackson
I have just signed up for my very first fanfiction exchange. The [community profile] jd_ficathon which is in it's 14th year and has some authors signed up who's names make me go wordless and handflappy with fannish glee. And then there's me. And OMG what if I end up writing for [insert someone exciting here]. And holyshit what if they end up writing something for me.

There's prompts left that would be so freaking awesome to try and write for an some that make me really hope I don't get matched for. So is the nature of the beast. Just the idea of being part of something so... *waves hands around* is just... y'know?!

It's utterly terrifying and incredibly exciting and I am aware I sound like a total geek right now but I don't care because *flails*

Speaking of fandom things that are awesome, you've all seen the announcement about the 13th Doctor right? A woman! I've never seen Jodie Whittaker in anything so I need to rectify that but I'm really excited about the prospect of a female Doctor and how - if at all - it changes her perspective on all the things that make the Doctor, well, the Doctor. I'd love a cranky William Hartnell style Doctor, but I'm also drawn to the eccentricity and energy of say Tennant or Tom Baker or Pertwee.

One of my favourite things about regeneration scenes is the Doctor's reaction to his new body... I'm wondering how he's going to react to a female body. I hope there's some kind of 'well this is new' response from her and that she doesn't become sexualised.

I'm also hoping for her to have a female companion. Platonic relationship, women vs time and space would just be bloody fantastic!

Hannah Nicole

Jul. 15th, 2017 09:08 pm
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Sometimes I feel like the only person who actually likes their name. I've never had, or wanted, a nickname or to be known as anything else. I don't even like my name being shortened. Do I look like Han Solo to you?

Hannah. Its from the Hebrew meaning 'favour' or 'grace'. Although to be fair, I'm not exactly a very graceful person. Mother of Samuel in the bible. Makes a lot of people think of a certain Disney show. I don't mind though, I like the name. It's my paternal grandmother's name.
Nicole. Feminised form of Nicholas, from the Greek meaning 'victor of the people'. St Nicholas was the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants - which seems like a strange combination but, whatever. Probably best associated with Nicole Kidman. It's my maternal grandmother's name.

There's a naming tradition in my dad's side of the family that the oldest child is named after the two grandparents. It's been going back hundreds of years and I really like it, so if for some reason Ben and I have kids, I would totally use it. It would make my kids be called either 'John Miles' or 'Judith Valerie' - I really hope any first born I have is a boy... I can totally call a girl 'John' right? LOL
As seen on [personal profile] gryffindoridiot's DW:

Ask me a question. It can be fandom-specific or general. Be as creative as you like.


Jul. 9th, 2017 10:38 am
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I'd forgotten how exciting, how much of a rush it was to come online and find that people have friended my blog, that people are interested in reading my blather. I'm sitting here wiggling my toes in glee - which, of course, is making one of the cats pounce on them. Ouch, claws in toes hurt!

Welcome to everyone who's added me from the [community profile] venture friending meme from [community profile] 2017revival and from [community profile] addme_fandom. I'm thrilled to have you here and look forward to getting to know you over the coming days, weeks, months and so on.

• My name is Hannah. I'm in my mid-30s, live alone in England with two cats. I've been with my boyfriend Ben for almost 7 years and we have no plans to get married.

• Please let me know if I say something that you find offensive or tactless, because I can be quite thoughtless when I say things sometimes, so I'd appreciate being told so I don't do it again. I don't mean it maliciously, I simply don't think before inserting my foot into my mouth.

• I'm a huge fan of 90s/2000s alternative rock/grunge. I love Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Semisonic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Muse, Linkin Park, The White Stripes, 3 Doors Down, Queens Of The Stone age... I have a account - it's a new one because, like my old LJ, I've lost all the log-in details

• I love science fiction! My favourites are Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Farscape, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Andromeda. I'm currently really loving Dark Matter, Killjoys, iZombie and Stitchers.

• I sold my soul to Joss Whedon many decades ago and he's never let me down. I have an immense love for that man and his work.

• The superhero films and TV shows of recent years are a current obsession of mine. I love both DC and Marvel, although Marvel possibly slightly more because I love how it's all connected - it's all one timeline whereas with DC there's these shows here in this bubble, these movies here in this bubble. I'm liking the new Justice League era of movies

• I have a Bsc in Psychology but have never put it to use and work in a bank. People fascinate me endlessly and I have thought of doing some form of study in Social Psychology/Sociology or Philosophy.
I've just started learning German through Duolingo

• I used to be a big bookworm and I'm trying to pick that back up again. I love science-fiction, fantasy and horror, although I think my current favourite genre is young adult urban fantasy. I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series and have just started The Prisoner Of Azkaban
You can find me on goodreads (which is another new account, I mentioned losing all my log in details for all my social media, yes?)

• I think this is pretty much everything, although if there's anything you would like to know, feel free to ask!
One of the questions my boyfriend and I get asked a lot is when we're going to move in together. People always look utterly confused when we answer that right now we have no plans to - the same goes for having children, getting married etc. We've been together almost 7 years and we're happy together, things are going well so wh would we change anything.

I love Ben to pieces, I really do, but living with him would drive me crazy. He's always on the go, he's always busy, he's never... silent. Sometimes I like to just sit and, as the song goes, enjoy the silence. I like to listen to the sound of nothing. I like to meditate, I like to read in the quiet.

Yes, I like music. Yes, I like watching tv and movies. But I don't have background sound on for the sake of it. But Ben does. He's always got something playing. His alarm is the radio and it - or the TV - is on until he leaves the house for work. He has music on in the car. He turns He doesn't appreciate stillness - and he doesn't understand that I enjoy it.
This month I want to try something new. I want to learn something new. I thought about knitting, about aquaaerobics - or however you spell the bloody thing, I looked into learning to play and instrument and I bought a couple of books on improvng my handwriting.

What I eventually decided I want to invest some time in is learning/refreshing some language skills. Many years ago I learned German in school and I got a decent grade in my exams. And promptly never used the language again. I barely remember any of it.

I've signed up for Duolingo and this is what I learned this afternoon:
Mann - man
Junge - boy
Frau - woman
Ein Mann - a man
Eine Frau - a woman
Ich bin Hannah - I am Hannah
Mädchen - girl
und - and
Kind - child
du - you
bist - are
So now I can say very useful phrases like Ich bin Hannah und ich bin eine Frau


Jul. 5th, 2017 11:46 am
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I like taking photographs. I'm no photographer by any means and my camera of choice is part of my mobile phone. I take pictures of my cats, my boyfriend, places we go, things we see. I probably take far too many pictures of random pretty flowers I see when I'm out for a walk.
Like this one

I'm not big on sharing the pictures I take either. I take them for me, they mean something to me, they have a connection with a memory - if that makes any sense

The one thing I don't take pictures of is me. It's not that pictures of me don't exist - they do, they're just taken by other people. My boyfriend takes pictures of me, he takes the odd picture of us both. Friends and family take and share pictures.

I just don't get the selfie... thing
I love spending time in nature, preferably in the sunshine, but a little bit of rain doesn't bother me. I may live in a city but there's still a wealth of green space made available. I said yesterday that I wanted to find some new places to me so I had a quick google and according to TripAdvisor the Top 10 are:

Winterbourne House and Garden
Lickey Hills Country Park
Cannon Hill Park
National Sea Life Centre
Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses
Waseley Hills Country Park
Sheldon Country Park
Kings Heath Park
The Donkey Sanctuary Assisted Therapy Centre

I've never been to the Wildlife Conservation Park OR the Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses - hell I didn't even know they existed so now I'm all exited to go exploring.
There's so much happening this summer and I want to try and take advantage of the area I live in, to get out and do things. I don't want to waste the summer and wonder where it went and what I did.

I Want! I Want!: Art & Technology is an exhibition at BMAG running until January, presenting the works of contemporary artists working with technology - using computer animation, video, computer graphics, audio, photography, drawing and gaming technology to create films, moving image, sculptures, paintings, interactive games and small and large scale drawings

Discover Dinosaurs is an exhibition at Bilston Gallery that runs until December and explores the prehistoric world of the dinosaur.

Go to the cinema to see Spider-Man: Homecoming

Urban Safari at Roundhouse Birmingham on August 7th is Explore the centre of the second city like never before! A rare chance to travel on a Heritage Narrow boat into the heart of the canal system, with a towpath tour of the local wildlife, myths and legends of Birmingham, and the chance to explore one of Birmingham's hidden gems the Roundhouse.

Boscobel House & The Royal Oak are something like 20 miles from me and I've been wanting to go for at least 10 years - why have I never got there before?

I also want to make sure that I go to the beach at least once, that I discover a new park or nature area.
I want me and Ben to have some alone time, a date night or two.
I want to re-decorate the bathroom.
The organisation I work for are having this big 'self-care' promotion, trying to encourage us all to manage our work/life balance. They're being all 'a health workforce is a happy workforce' and part of me thinks it's hippy mumbo jumbo bullshit and part of me is stunned that there are people out there, adults in the real world, who don't know the basics of taking care of themselves.

So what does self-care mean to me?
It's taking care of my needs, making sure I find the time to do some of the activities that nurture me.
It's about balancing the stress and activity of daily life with activities that bring me a sense of peace and well being.
It's about treating myself as a worthwhile person and showing that I are valuable, competent and deserving woman.
It's drinking plenty of water, eating healthy balanced meals, it's exercising regularly and getting enough sleep every night.

How do I practice self care?
other than the above? I make time to spend with my friends. I sit outside in the park and enjoy the sunshine. I take a bath or a shower. I listen to music I enjoy. I go for a walk. I read a good book. I watch tv or a movie. I buy myself something that makes me smile. I learn something new.
One of my favourite ways to spend a weekend, especially when I've been stressed and silly busy, is to just switch off and take a mini-holiday but without going anywhere.

I take a little time to prepare, make sure laundry is done, dishes are done, there's no niggling chores that need to be taken care of. My time is free to spend on me.

I like to start with a nice long soak in a hot bubble bath. A glass of wine, some music playing. Depending on my mood I might read, or I might not. But I will pamper myself; a face mask, shave my legs, body lotion, manicure, pedicure.

I will then pull on warm clean pyjamas, curl up on my couch with plenty of cushions (maybe blankets depending on the weather), make sure I have snacks and drinks to hand and just... relax. I will read, or write, or watch tv/movies, or colour, or sleep... whatever and wherever the mood strikes.


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